Friday, November 14, 2014

Paradigm Soundtrack Wins Best Sound Bar from Digital Trends

We are honored that the Paradigm Soundtrack System was named #1 from Digital Trends for "Best Sound Bars"!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Video: Subwoofers & Great Bass from Paradigm

We're all about that bass! Watch our latest video on Subwoofers & Great Bass from Paradigm: 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

"12 Affordable Speakers for Your Budget" by CEPro includes Paradigm

 CE Pro named "12 Affordable Speakers for Your Budget" and included the Paradigm Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL.

"Engineered to complement today’s generation of ultra-slim flat-panel TVs, Paradigm’s Millenia LP2 and LP XL speakers sit less than two inches off the wall once mounted.  Paradigm says the speakers incorporate tweeters that are designed for clarity, as well as midrange drivers that are engineered for uncolored tonal accuracy. The speakers’ bass drivers are said to deliver response that is free of cone standing waves and micro distortion. The speakers mount vertically or horizontally and they can be used for two channel and multichannel systems."

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Paradigm Soundscape Earns a Sound & Vision Top Pick Award & 4 Star Review

When Daniel Kumin of Sound & Vision decided to review the Paradigm Soundscape soundbar, he wanted to answer a question... "Just how close can you come?" 'To what?' you're asking...What Kumin meant was, how close can you get to the sound of loudspeakers powered by a receiver with a soundbar? The answer? Well, if you read the headline, you can probably guess. But it's worth the read on to find out...

"...expectations were high as I unboxed Paradigm’s $1,500 Soundscape, a slim, round-shouldered soundbar designed, like many of its peers, for on-wall or shelf/tabletop mounting equally. (Paradigm includes extensive template and bracket accessories to make the former as straightforward as possible, and rubbery feet for the latter.) The design combines seven drivers into a trio of two-way hardware channels (the center is dual-woofer’d), each with a dedicated 25-watt (RMS) amplifier channel, and the system is supported by DSP-based surround magickery. I couldn’t wait to hook it up."

First Listen
"When I finally began my critical listening, I judged the Paradigm design to be a carefully tuned reproducer with open, natural vocal tonality on both male and female announcers and singers. The Soundscape struck me as leaning just a touch to the warm-and-full side of the spectrum, but otherwise just about spot-on, splitting the difference between casual TV-sound-appliance and audiophile-balanced Serious Listening device."

"In fact, with the volume at its maximum setting of 100, the Paradigm proved able to deliver almost 80 decibels SPL at my listening position from THX- reference-level (–20 dB FS) test noise, which is very good for a soundbar."

"All good stuff, but any soundbar is going to live or die with movies. The Paradigm continued to impress me across a clutch of favorite scenes, offering lots of clean level while maintaining clear, balanced dialogue and very respectable dynamic impact."

Another Serious Soundbar  
We can definitively add Paradigm’s name to the handful of makers that offer “serious soundbars”...The Paradigm continued to impress me across a clutch of favorite scenes, offering lots of clean level while maintaining clear, balanced dialogue and very respectable dynamic impact... The Soundscape also goes substantially lower than a lot of other soundbars... if you value dynamics, bass extension, and overall sound quality first, you’ll be well rewarded. 
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paradigm Soundscape Wins a 2014 Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award

We are pleased to announce that the Soundscape won a Technology Integrator 2014 EXC!TE Award!

"Soundscape is a powered 5.1-channel soundbar designed to deliver surround sound for large flat panel TVs, boasting four powerful polypropylene woofers, three pure-aluminum dome tweeters and two low-turbulence ports. Paradigm's engineers have achieved an extraordinarily wide soundstage with superb stereo separation, exquisite highs, rich midrange, and deep articulate bass. With a refined fit and finish, the affordable Soundscape is stylish yet unobtrusive, easy to operate, and allows custom integrators the ability to tailor the audio experience for the end user."

Paradigm's Erin Phillips & Justin Bright accepting the EXC!TE Award

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Game changer: A soundbar an audiophile can love" - CNET on the Paradigm Soundscape

"The Audiophiliac spends quality time with Paradigm's Soundscape, it's clearly the best sound bar he's heard in ages."

It's really hard not to be excited when you read a headline and sub-headline like the above... Especially when it is regarding our very own Paradigm Soundscape 5.1 soundbar. Below are some quotes from CNET audio journalist, Steve Guttenberg.

"It came as a total surprise to me, but when the Paradigm Soundscape sound bar appeared in the CNET office I thought why not give it a spin? Unpacking the super solid 'bar it was easy to see Paradigm's build quality shames the more typical plastic or lightweight wood sound bars, the Soundscape metal clad, 20-pound, 5.5 by 42 by 5 inch cabinet looks sleek."

"The Soundscape is significantly more powerful than any other subwooferless sound bar, and clarity and dynamic punch were superb... man, this sound bar is a force to be reckoned with! Whether it was Kong wrestling with dinosaurs or space station hijinks, the Soundscape's dynamic punch easily KO-ed what passes for merely excellent everyday high-performance sound bars..."

"...most folks prefer a single speaker, easier-to-setup solution. So for them the Soundscape is highly recommended."

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Stars for the Paradigm Millenia CT 2 from Sean Killebrew of Home Theater Review

In a recent review of the Paradigm Millenia CT 2, Sean Killebrew of Home Theater Review awarded it with 4 stars and compared Paradigm to a successful restaurant! Read on for details...

"Those who are familiar with Paradigm and have experienced the sound quality of their speakers understand that this is where the company hangs its hat. That's not to say that their products suffer in terms of aesthetics or general form factor; it's simply that, while a company like Bang and Olufsen might focus on aesthetics, Paradigm begins and ends with performance. Paradigm begins and ends with performance. The Millenia continues that tradition of exemplary sound quality."

"I was a bit shocked to realize that the CT 2, despite its relative affordability, is remarkably revealing... I was immediately hit with a brilliant reproduction of the song. The mids and highs were compelling and warm, and the imaging was better than I'd expect from a system of this ilk.

"... while you can't replace dedicated surround speakers, the Millenia handled the smoke and mirrors of creating surround sound from two speakers as well as any system I've heard."

"... the Paradigm did an admirable job of conveying all of the action and dialogue without sounding muddy or distorted, even at higher volume."

"While $899 is certainly not a drop in the bucket, when you take a hard look at the Millenia CT 2's price-to-performance ratio, it starts to make sense.... you can find plenty of competition in the three-channel plug-and-play realm, but you're just not going to find many that look and sound as good as the Paradigm. This is how Paradigm has done so well across its product line. It's akin to running a successful restaurant, which is to say: make it look nice, serve up a memorable experience, and don't insult us with your pricing. The same recipe seems to be working just fine for Paradigm."

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Introducing Paradigm’s Prestige Series: Respect for the Original Source

Prestige Series combines innovative new technologies with smart engineering and authentic craftsmanship for astonishing performance at an incredible value. 

For over 30 years, Paradigm has set the precedent for innovation and technology in loudspeaker manufacturing. The new Prestige Series builds on this history by combining new technologies with smart engineering that provides astonishing performance at an incredible value—all completely crafted in our Canadian facility. Prepare to be impressed and astonished. 

Prestige is Paradigm—Refined

With a new, unobstructed look: clean, sharp lines, with close attention paid to the smallest details. These loudspeakers don’t rely on gimmicks. 

Prestige is Smart Engineering

Harnessing cutting-edge new technologies, like our Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter Lens that protects the delicate S-PAL™ tweeter dome and acts as the Phase Plug, blocking out-of-phase frequencies for smoother, extended high frequencies with incredible detail and higher output. 

Prestige is an Authentic, Handcrafted Piece of Art

Designed, engineered, and fully Crafted in Canada, by people who love great audio (just like you). From the precise workmanship of the non-resonant cabinets to their beautiful premium-grade finishes, Prestige is truly hand-built for performance.

Maintaining control over the design and manufacturing process is the only way to ensure perfection. For the ultimate in control, Paradigm builds its drivers in-house. Only by handcrafting each midrange and bass driver ourselves can we guarantee the consistency of our precision engineering, going beyond the industry standard to deliver superior high performance in each and every Prestige loudspeaker we build.

Prestige cabinets are flawlessly wrapped with real walnut hardwood and offered in a variety of beautiful premium-grade finishes: Walnut and Black Walnut have a smooth satin finish with distinctive wood figuring. Midnight Cherry and Piano Black feature a luxurious hand-rubbed, high-gloss finish.

There are five models in the Prestige Series lineup: three floorstanding speakers (Prestige 95F, 85F & 75F), two center channels (Prestige 55C & 45C), one surround channel (Prestige 25S), and one bookshelf speaker (Prestige 15B). 

Prestige Series models will start shipping in Q4 and will be available from authorized Paradigm dealers nationwide. Pricing TBD.

Stay tuned for more product details: 
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paradigm Teases New Product Launch

It all started two weeks ago, when we added a count down clock to the Paradigm home page along with a teaser image of a mysteriously draped speaker. (see image below)...

But yesterday, we took it to the next level with an update to the home page that included a link to a teaser video.

Looks like you'll have to wait until the clock runs out 
and CEDIA EXPO 2014 begins for the unveiling and more info! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"It is in fact the best sound-system-in-a-box I've come across so far" - Brian Florian on Paradigm's Soundtrack 2 System

After reviewing (and enjoying) the original Soundtrack System, Secrets of Home Theater was anxious to give the second iteration a go. So we shipped off a system to Brian Florian and recently he published his thoughts on the Soundtrack 2. Below are a couple of quotes that summarize his overall experience...

"Paradigm hit a sweet spot delivering a product which satisfies... cost & sound quality"

"Paradigm distinguishes themselves by making the most of what is possible within both the fiduciary constrains, as well as the engineering challenges of the form factor. It is in fact the best sound-system-in-a-box I’ve come across so far south of a kilobuck."

"While it's not a stretch to think that the Soundtrack 2 might be bested by a pair of the company’s own Mini-Monitor speakers coupled to a modest receiver, there is a plethora of people who have no interest in a bunch of big boxes and the rat’s nest of wires which come with, and who just want better sound than what their TV is giving them. For such applications Paradigm has I think hit a sweet spot delivering a product which satisfies both in terms of cost and sound quality."

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"The Rolls Royce of soundbars - a premium soundbar in every sense" - AVForums on the Paradigm Soundscape

We are delighted to share a review of the Soundscape published by AVForums. Writer Mark Hodgkinson called the Soundscape "The Rolls Royce of soundbars" and awarded it with a score of 9/10 overall and AVForums "Highly Recommended" status. Here are a few tidbits, but we encourage you to read the full review.

"The Paradigm Soundscape is the Rolls Royce of the soundbar sector. It’s big, bold and perhaps a little brash but it goes about its business beautifully, thanks to superior engineering and incredible attention to detail that elicits a performance your typical speaker bar can’t touch."

"The Paradigm Soundscape is the Rolls Royce of the soundbar sector."

"The design of the Soundscape is such that all the drivers are independently amplified and completely isolated from one another, allowing it to produce a true stereo soundstage for two channel, whilst also being fabulously capable with multichannel movie and TV sources.

"It packs punch regardless and its performance is thoroughly bombastic"

"The delivery is accurate, involving and exciting for your typical film soundtrack whilst beautifully composed and assured with musical duties. You can even add a more little low end impact with an external subwoofer, either wired or wirelessly with the supplied adaptor, but it packs a punch regardless and its performance is thoroughly bombastic, in any case, with a refinement in the mid-low notes unique in this product sector."

"This is a premium soundbar in every sense... in terms of how it sounds, it currently has no equal."

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Paradigm has engineered a sound system of beauty and quality for an affordable price" - Secrets of Home Theater on the Millenia CT 2

Francisco Licon of Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity recently wrote a review of our Millenia CT 2 and enjoyed the 2.1 systems very much. Below are a couple of quotes from the review...

"provides a big, clear sound"
"The Millenia CT 2 provides a big, clear sound and is easy to use and set up. They also look really cool. I can see this as a high quality bedroom system for the audiophile who has an all-out system in their main room or an apartment dweller (hope your neighbors don’t complain when you crank it up). Or this may be a system for the average guy or gal that is just not as crazy as I am about equipment, but wants a very high quality sound system that offers simplicity of set up and use."

"a sound system of beauty and quality"
" time with the Paradigm Millenia CT 2 system was really enjoyable and fun. The Millenia CT 2 was adept at playing music and movies, the system disappeared into the source and allowed me to enjoy the creative efforts of the producers and musicians. The system is classy and sophisticated enough to fit into an Austin hipster’s condo and is easy and simple to set up and use. Paradigm has engineered a sound system of beauty and quality for an affordable price. The Millenia CT 2 is definitely worth a look for its sound quality and solid design."

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Paradigm Soundscape Earns Trusted Reviews Recommended Status and 9/10 Star Rating!

Last week, Trusted Reviews in the UK published a raving review of the Paradigm Soundscape. Earning a score of 9/10 and the Trusted Reviews "Recommended" badge of approval, the Soundscape comes up on top yet again!

“If you’re in the market for a soundbar and have a big budget to play with, the Soundscape is a worthy purchase thanks primarily to its sumptuous design and outstanding sound quality, which help justify the hefty price tag and earn it a Recommended badge. It delivers the sort of big, room-filling sound stage you’d expect from bigger speakers, with huge bass output, masses of detail and authoritative dialogue. Music also sounds fantastic through Soundscape’s high-end driver array… Staggeringly good sound quality and debonair design make Paradigm’s Soundscape an impressive soundbar…”

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Monday, July 14, 2014

"Sonically is where the Soundscape truly shines" John Sciacca, Residential Systems

"it certainly has the features and performance chops to back it up"
John Sciacca of Residential Systems recently reviewed the Paradigm Soundscape after experiencing it in the Paradigm room at CES. "...when I first experienced the Soundscape during this past CES, I asked which sub they had it paired with. When Paradigm’s marketing manager, Erin Phillips, coyly smiled and said, “There’s no subwoofer; that’s just the bar,” I had to bring this in for review." Below are some of John's thoughts once he go the soundbar into his home...

"Sonically is where the Soundscape truly shines, however, keeping the often difficult-to-understand dialog from the opening ocean battle scene of Master and Commander centered and intelligible, while still producing the distant wind and atmospheric ocean sounds, giving nice width to the sonic image. Equally impressive was how the bar handled the deep bass and bombast of the cannon battle, producing rumblings I could feel and pushing the sounds of exploding cannon balls and splintering hulls well beyond the width of the bar."

"The Soundscape demonstrated its ability to deliver weight and depth in reproducing the weighty voice and foot stomps of Smaug from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was amazing how the bar made Smaug’s voice boom and rumble around the room, seeming to come from nearly everywhere at once, producing a very real faux-surround effect."

"While the Soundscape is pricey by soundbar standards, it certainly has the features and performance chops to back it up. And when clients hear how great it sounds without requiring an extra black box, they’ll likely consider it a bargain."

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Results from a recent poll by Audioholics show Paradigm makes the best speakers!

According to the results of a recent poll by Audioholics, Paradigm makes the best speakers... by a long shot!

Audioholics asked their readers who they thought made the best speakers and Paradigm earned the number one spot with 24.4% of total votes!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

"The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every respect." - Bob Barrett, Home Theater Review

Bob Barrett of Home Theater Review published a review of the Paradigm Reference Studio 10 this week and judging by the HTR Product Rating of 4.5 Stars... we think he thoroughly enjoyed them! Here are a few quotes...

"Over the course of listening, the character of the little Studio 10s really struck me as that of an overachiever. They brought out more musical details than I expected from such a small speaker. The timbre of instruments sounded so lifelike...  I was struck by how well the Studio 10s got the little nuances of the instruments right, which provided greater emotional impact and enjoyment. The Paradigms were also able to reproduce both female and male voices with tonal accuracy and fullness, never sounding thin or bloated."

"The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every respect. These very musical speakers will surprise you with their ability to produce a huge soundstage while accurately portraying voices and instruments in space with finesse."

"Considering their published frequency response, the Paradigms deliver a lot more bass energy than expected. They do have their limits, though, especially in being able to produce the large amounts of low-end punch required by bass-heavy music. For those applications, combine the Studio 10s with one or more matching Paradigm subwoofers, and you'll be in bass heaven."

"The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers provide a great entry point into the high-end audio hobby without breaking the bank account. They're also a great start to a complete home theater surround system if mated with other Paradigm Reference Studio Series products."

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