Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The First Paradigm Premium Wireless PW 800 Review by HD Living is a Winner!

HD Living recently review the Paradigm Premium Wireless PW 800 and gave it major kudos for it's acoustic ability, flexibility (thanks to ARC) and cosmetics! 

"Post Anthem Room Correction... its performance is pretty much flawless. What’s more, I found that ARC allowed me to get pretty wacky with positioning and still enjoy a really super sweet audio experience... I was a little shocked by just how well the PW 800 handled the wide, expansive stereo sound... with a little subwoofer attached, the PW 800 absolutely rocked my face off my skull... It’s gorgeously built, beautifully designed, and looks amazing on a tabletop or even on a larger bookshelf. Kudos to Paradigm for putting as much work into the style as they did the sound... I think Paradigm has one heck of a wireless speaker on its hands here... If you’ve written off wireless speakers as sub-par from a performance standpoint in the past, you owe it to yourself to find your local Paradigm dealer and hear the PW 800 for yourself." - Dennis Burger

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Paradigm Premium Wireless PW AMP Wins 2015 CE Pro Best Award!

Paradigm is proud to announce that the Premium Wireless PW AMP won a 2015 CE Pro Best Award. This award is extremely important to our brand because it is voted by installers and industry leaders.

"The 7th Annual CE Pro BEST Awards recognizes the most noteworthy new products and technologies for 2015. The winners of this year’s BEST Awards were chosen by an industry panel made up of respected industry leaders and the editors of CE Pro, to join an exclusive group of products deemed the most noteworthy for 2015. Criteria included: innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, benefits to the installer." - CE Pro

The PW AMP won in the category of: A/V Preamplifier/Processor/Switcher/Amplifier/Receiver.

"Power any passive speakers with Paradigm’s PW AMP with a 2x 200W amplifier and stream high-resolution audio (up to 24bit/192kHz), thanks to DTS Play-Fi® technology. PW AMP includes built-in Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) wiht a calibrated microphone to optimize speaker performance in any space. A difference you can actually hear!"
Click here! to learn all about the Paradigm PW AMP.
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Paradigm Prestige 1000SW is a reference quality subwoofer and comes highly recommended from Reference Home Theater" - Stephen Hornbrook

Another fantastic review of the Paradigm Speakers Prestige 1000SW has been published! 

"The Paradigm Prestige 1000SW performs brilliantly, especially given its smaller stature, is beautiful to look at and comes with their Perfect Bass Kit. Having the PBK included allows for simple, near automatic room tuning. Certainly not something you get with cheaper subwoofers. The Paradigm Prestige 1000SW is a reference quality subwoofer and comes highly recommended from Reference Home Theater." - Stephen Hornbrook

Click here! to read the full review from Reference Home Theater.
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Paradigm Prestige 95F Wins Audio Product of the Year Award from HTSA!

Paradigm's Prestige 95F floorstanding speaker received the HTSA "Audio Product of the Year" Award! We are incredibly proud of the outstanding sonic signature and beautiful design of the Prestige line of products. Receiving the recognition and support from some of our top dealers in the US speaks volumes. 

Thank you all for your support!

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Friday, November 6, 2015

"Nobody puts baby in the corner! Paradigm's latest sub deserves to dance in the spotlight" - Caleb Denison of Digital Trends

"Nobody puts baby in the corner! Paradigm's latest sub deserves to dance in the spotlight" - Caleb Denison of Digital Trends talks about his first impressions of the Prestige 1000SW in this video review:

The 1000SW seen here is a powerful, punchy, and musical sub, with as much finesse as muscle, and as much class as sass. In terms of performance, we’d put it right in line with SVS’ incredible SB-13 Ultra, though if we had to take a pick between the two, we’d side with the Paradigm sub based on looks alone.” – Caleb Denison

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Monday, August 24, 2015

"If aesthetics as well as build quality matter to you as much as sound quality, you would be well advised to give the Paradigm Prestige 85F a serious audition" - CANADA HiFi

Another fantastic review has been published on the Paradigm Prestige 85F! This time from CANADA HiFi Magazine! 

"Aesthetically I could not fault the 85F. It is easily one of the most sleek and elegant speakers you can buy in this price category and the wife acceptance is likely to be very high. I find it hard to imagine any d├ęcor that they would not just complement but actually enhance... If you are in the market for a pair of speakers... and if aesthetics as well as build quality matter to you as much as sound quality, you would be well advised to give the Paradigm Prestige 85F a serious audition. Chances are good, you will be seduced into make these sonic babies a treasured part of your music system!" - Malcolm Gomes

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Introducing Paradigm Prestige Subwoofers!

You know Paradigm builds the most powerful subwoofers and the new Prestige 1000SW and 2000SW are no exceptions. Designed, engineered and Crafted in Canada, the new Prestige subwoofers feature a clean design with front mounted controls including Tone Sweep to instantly locate room rattle buzz, PBK control and much more. Prestige subwoofers also share the same four beautiful finishes of our Prestige Series speakers and ship with PBK in the box.

Prestige finishes (clockwise): Piano Black, Walnut, Black Walnut, Midnight Cherry

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Everything Audio Network reviews the Prestige 15B and gives it "One Big Stellar Sound Award"

Everything Audio Network reviewed the Prestige 15B bookshelf speaker and gave it "One Big Stellar Sound Award"! 

"The Paradigm Prestige 15B compact small speaker is a serious audiophile speaker... Within 10 feet of the listening position, these speakers are extremely articulate with excellent stereo imaging and depth. Many of my reference hi-res tracks were impressively showcased through the Prestige 15B pair; many tracks sounded as good as through some $8,000 speakers I have tested... I can’t think of one negative about these speakers. One big Stellar Sound Award for a pair of impressive, small speakers." - John Gatski

Click here! to read the full review from Everything Audio Network.
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Paradigm Reveals Concept 4F Speakers at Munich High End Show and Proves Nothing is Off Limits

This bold new concept, unveiled at Munich High End 2015, offers an exciting glimpse into the future of Paradigm engineering.

The Paradigm & Anthem engineering teams have been working with a vision for more than five years. This journey of research, experiment, design, and development has culminated in a loudspeaker that is the amalgamation of superior acoustic components with bleeding-edge technological innovation. It is our most ambitious speaker design ever.

Concept 4F is a true full-range hybrid loudspeaker, the perfect balance of powered woofers with a passive upper register array. It features TruExtent® Beryllium 1" tweeters and TruExtent® Beryllium 7" midrange drivers with perforated phase-aligning lenses, and four Ultra-High-Excursion Differential Drive 8.5" woofers in a vibration-cancelling configuration (two front-firing, two rear-firing). Each woofer pair is powered by a separate DSP-controlled 700 W RMS amplifier for a total of 1400 W RMS (2,800 W Dynamic Peak), and combined with exclusive technology like Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) capability. And then some.

The result is a unique sonic platform that reinvents luxury performance in a loudspeaker and ushers in an audacious new era for Paradigm.

Under development for more than five years, the Concept 4F sounded exceptional in a brief demo, with astounding bass extension and definition coupled to neutral, detailed, and transparent midrange and treble reproduction.”  

- Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound 

This is a serious speaker from a serious company. It might have started out as a toe-in-the-water concept, but given the response at the show, I think it’s safe to say that Paradigm will be moving upmarket -- pretty soon and with a product that looks very like the Concept 4F. How far upmarket? It’s impossible to say, but don’t think that this speaker will be cheap, although I’m confident that what it will do is maintain the company’s reputation for value. It goes straight to the top of the “speakers I’d love to get my mitts on” list.” 

- Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat

"Paradigm’s Concept 4F was, by a long shot, the star loudspeaker of High End 2015… the Concept 4F’s beautiful appearance is a higher rung on that ladder. I particularly liked the way the rear of the cabinet rises, supported on something like the heel of a high-heeled shoe. The vents for the rear-mounted woofers (see below) create nice visual touches of their own. But it’s on the technical side that the Concept 4F really stands out. Visually, technically, and sonically, I was blown away by the Concept 4F. Look for info on the sound in this space in August.” 

- Doug Schneider, SoundStage! Network 

Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Concept 4F speaker.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paradigm Prestige 15B, 45C and Seismic 110 earn 5 Star Reviews & Sound & Vision Top Pick Awards

We are incredibly proud to share that the Paradigm Speakers Prestige 15B, Prestige 45C and Seismic 110 sub received 5 stars and "Top Pick" awards from Sound & Vision in the first 5.1 Prestige review! 

"The Paradigm Prestige series combines state-of-the-art design, ingenious engineering, and superb build quality with voicing that I found cinematically and musically unerring. Speakers that allow me one-setting enjoyment of action movies, with no dynamic range control intervention, are rare. Speakers that beat my reference system on orchestral material are rarer. But speakers that do both are practically unheard of. I learned a lot—and had a lot of fun—with the Prestige in my listening room. And living with the Seismic 110 sub continues to be a joy."

Click here! to read the full review from Sound & Vision.

Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Prestige Series.
Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Seismic 110.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Paradigm Releases 3 New In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speaker Lines: CI Home, CI Pro and CI Elite

Introducing three new In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speaker lines from Paradigm Speakers: CI Home, CI Pro and CI Elite. New standout features include an array of advanced technologies to enhance performance and power-handling, bezel-free micro-perf grilles for discreet installation, a re-engineered mounting system, and improved build-quality to aid effortless installation. 

For more information visit: www.paradigm.com

Friday, May 29, 2015

"The Prestige 95F presses all of the right buttons" - Dennis Burger, Home Thaeater Review

Home Theater Review published their review of the Paradigm Prestige 95F and it is epic! Epic as in 5 STARS and endless praise from esteemed writer and reviewer, Dennis Burger!

"There are so many things about the Paradigm's Prestige 95F floorstanding speaker that are worthy of discussion... But the fact of the matter is that, when I sit down in front of these speakers, I simply forget about all of it. For that matter, given a recording of sufficient fidelity, I forget about the speakers altogether most of the time. I can't tell you that this is exactly what you should look for in a passive loudspeaker. I won't tell you you're wrong if your tastes lean in other directions. But for me, the Prestige 95F presses all of the right buttons." 
- Dennis Burger

Click here! to read the full review from Home Theater Review.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

New York Times Recommends a short list of Soundbars including the Paradigm Soundscape

The New York Times recommends sound bars as an easier alternative to home theater systems and suggests the Paradigm Soundscape. 

"Paradigm’s $1,500 Soundscape includes four built-in low-frequency speakers for deep bass. For those who would still like to use an external subwoofer, a wireless receiver is included that attaches to any existing subwoofer unit. At 42 inches in length, the 20-pound Soundscape offers rich bass and crisp sound. When I tested it, I heard music that I had been missing from my TV’s internal speakers. Two listening modes are offered: one for surround-sound movies and another for two-channel music."

Click here! to view this article on by The New York Times.
Click here! for more info on the Paradigm Soundscape.

Paradigm Wins Big in 2015 Editors' Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound announced the 2015 Editors' Choice Award winners in the March issue and Paradigm Speakers won not 1, not 2, but 3 awards!! - Shift A2 powered speaker, Studio 10 bookshelf and Signature SUB 2 subwoofer!!

See March issue of The Absolute Sound to see all award winners.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The First Review of the Paradigm Prestige 85F by Secrets of Home Theater is a Home Run!

The first review of the Paradigm Prestige 85F from Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity is a home run! 

"The new Prestige Series is a beautiful speaker, the design and aesthetic are superb, and I can’t imagine anyone not wanting them on view in their living space. Every detail is well thought out... Sound is unmistakable Paradigm; the imagining is superb, dynamics are clean throughout without any midrange coloration... The bass drivers blew me away with how articulate and extended they sounded. But I loved how smooth and integral the bass was represented... I’ve heard many, many speakers in this price range recently, but the Prestige 85F is more than a competitor, it leads." - Piero Gabucci

Click here! to read the full review of the Paradigm Prestige 85F. 
Click here! to learn more about Paradigm's Prestige Series.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paradigm named one of "12 Killer Compact Subwoofers" from Electronic House

Electronic House names "12 Killer Compact Subwoofers" and includes the Paradigm Cinema Sub - one of many compact Paradigm subwoofers.

"Paradigm has quite the lengthy sub selection. This 8-incher is one of our favorites, packing in a built-in amplifier that can be set to auto on, standby or soft clipping, all to crank out 300 watts of peak power (or 100 watts RMS). It has a dual-ported design, a phase control switch and two line-level inputs. It also comes with four adhesive feet to protect your door—and the sub!"


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paradigm Soundscape Wins Again in the Latest Review from Secrets of Home Theater

After endless praise from the press and consumers alike, the Paradigm Soundscape wins again in the latest review from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity.

"Among soundbars, the Soundscape is a top, feature rich, performer and you can’t go wrong. If you consider the Pareto principal, you will get 80% of the performance and enjoyment from the Paradigm when compared to a dedicated theater, especially for normal TV viewing."  -
Kevin Lichterman

Click here! to read the full Soundscape review.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Thin is in!" - Secrets of Home Theater on the Paradigm Millenia LP2 and Millenia LP XL

The first review of the Paradigm Millenia LP 2 and LP XL has been published and it's a keeper!

"I felt the Millenia LP speakers performed better than I was expecting and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends. They looked beautiful on the walls, provide high quality sound and were easy to set up... if looks, sound quality and especially space saving are qualities that are important to you, the Millenium LPs are worth your consideration. I think you’ll be impressed with what 2 inches can sound like. Fat may be where it’s at, but this thin is in!" - Jim Milton

Click here! to read the full review from Secrets of Home Theater.
Click here! for more info on the Millenia LP 2 and XL.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paradigm Prestige 95F receives much praise and a SoundStage! Network Reviewers' Choice Award

The first review of the Paradigm Prestige 95F is live and it's a SoundStage! Network Reviewers' Choice award winner!

"The Reference Prestige 95F is a beauty of a loudspeaker, especially in its optional Midnight Cherry finish, the quality of which easily exceeded even my high standards. With a sophisticated, cultured sound and bass extension to die for, the flagship of Paradigm’s new Prestige line is as arresting to listen to as it is to look at. Paradigm appears to have come up with another winner!" - Hans Wetzel

Click here! to read the full Prestige 95F review from SoundStage!
Click here! for more info on the Paradigm Prestige Series.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Digital Trends Recommends Paradigm Soundtrack 2 to make your TV Sound as Big as it Looks

Digital Trends wants to help you make your TV sound as big as it looks and to do so, they suggest some excellent sound bar systems including our very own Paradigm Soundtrack 2!

From Digital Trends...

"As the modern “less is more” aesthetic gains popularity, sound bars have become a coveted item among home theater enthusiasts. The advantage of this option is that it lends itself to a sleek, unobtrusive look, while bolstering the anemic sound systems of many modern TVs. Of late, the move to ultra-thin, clean styling has left less and less space for speakers, as manufacturers favor stunning visuals over heart-stopping sound."

"Fortunately, the best sound bars can give you both. These space-saving speakers are now self-powered and provide their own amplification. As such, there’s no need to carve out space for a home theater receiver, making the bars a logical fit for those with limited space. Boxy floor-standing speakers just aren’t practical when square footage is at a premium. Whatever your reason for going the sound bar route, you’ll want to make sure you choose the brand and model that best suit your entertainment system."

Click here! to read the list of suggestions from Digital Trends
Click here! to learn more about Paradigm's Soundtrack 2

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Video: Paradigm Prestige Speakers

Check out our latest video on the making of Prestige speakers by our friends at SoundStage! Network...

Click here! to learn about Paradigm's Prestige Series.
Click here! to see more from SoundStage! Network.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paradigm Millenia CT 2 wins a Home Theater Review Best of 2014 Award

Paradigm Millenia CT 2 Powered Speaker System, $899
Paradigm's updated Millenia CT 2 system combines the plug-and-play convenience of a soundbar/subwoofer combination with the performance we've come to expect from Paradigm's small powered speakers. Add in Bluetooth with aptX and lower the price compared with its predecessor, and you've got a recipe for success.

Click here! to see all of the Best of 2014 winners.
Click here! to learn more about the Millenia CT 2 or to buy now.

Monday, January 26, 2015

An Inside Look at the New "Crafted in Canada" Prestige Series from Paradigm Speakers

Late 2014, we opened our doors to a handful of a/v journalists to show them how our new Prestige Series is "Crafted in Canada". As a result, one beautiful video and five fantastic articles were published. Take a look!

Click through each of the below links to read about each of the journalists' experiences at Paradigm headquarters:

Dennis Burger, HD Living:
"...manufacturing is usually such an ugly, industrial process. Even the most beautiful final products go through their gangly, awkward phases as they’re being refined from raw materials to final product. But there’s something about the Paradigm process that runs contrary to this. Even in such a raw, folded states, the blocks of wood that would eventually be sanded and sprayed and filled with electromechanical components to become a Prestige speaker were tantalizingly beautiful in and of themselves. And indeed, as those little monoliths pass through different hands as they travel around the factory, they retain an essential beauty during each step of the process. I’m sure that’s not intentional. But it makes me appreciate the final product even more."

"Paradigm is one of those rare companies that doesn’t seem to be standing in its own way. One arm
is offers Shift products (headphones, soundbars, and powered speakers) and the other arm is creating high-end luxury speakers. The result is one great big hug of outstanding audio. They’re playing the game from both angles instead of fighting the trends of the world (great soundbars while building better speakers). With the finest ingredient and great care for the process. It appeared to me that Paradigm has created a recipe for success."

"There are many other benefits to making the product in Canada. The company has control over all phases of manufacturing. For instance, it's able to wind voice coils and crossover inductors with exactly the right number of turns of wire. Having R&D and manufacturing in one building compresses the engineering process. For example, engineering staff can make a prototype basket for a driver on a 3D printer, then build up the entire driver and system, then evaluate performance in the anechoic chamber. Early on, it looks like the Prestige Series is a hit."

"If I ever had to describe Canada’s most significant trait, I’d say it is modesty. Not in the bashful or
apologetic kind of way, but rather in the quiet, proud confident way. In fact, Paradigm’s new moniker is “Crafted in Canada” instead of the more boastful, “Made in Canada” (or North America). Canadian modesty precludes boasting about an accomplishment; they’d rather show you than tell you. That’s what comes to mind when I look at the new Prestige speaker line and the impressive home of Paradigm in Mississauga, a neighboring city to the metropolis of Toronto, Ontario. It was a treat to tour the facility, watch the process of design, fabrication, and assembly of the Prestige Series."

"There is no question that Paradigm is exceedingly proud that the new Prestige Series is crafted in Canada.  Developing a new speaker range that offers the same amount of visual value and the same amount of performance, if not better, than competing brands that are made in China was quite difficult but the Paradigm engineering team rose up to the occasion.  Paradigm estimates that its cost to produce the speakers locally is somewhere between 20 and 30 more than it would be compared to manufacturing in China... One thing is for certain – we can’t wait to get our hands on these speakers so that we can put them through our series of listening tests."

To learn more about Paradigm Prestige Series visit: 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Paradigm Millenia CT 2 Wins Best of 2014 Award from Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

We are proud to announce that the Paradigm Millenia CT 2 has won a Best of 2014 Award from Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Paradigm Soundscape Wins 2015 Soundbar of the Year from Audio Video Magazine in South Africa!

Click here! to check out Audio Video Magazine in South Africa.
Click here! to learn more about the Paradigm Soundscape.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Paradigm Soundtrack Wins Best Sound Bar from Digital Trends

We are honored that the Paradigm Soundtrack System was named #1 from Digital Trends for "Best Sound Bars"!

Click here! to see the 10 "Best Sound Bars" from Digital Trends.
Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Soundtrack System.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Video: Subwoofers & Great Bass from Paradigm

We're all about that bass! Watch our latest video on Subwoofers & Great Bass from Paradigm: 

Click here! to learn more about Paradigm subwoofers.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

"12 Affordable Speakers for Your Budget" by CEPro includes Paradigm

 CE Pro named "12 Affordable Speakers for Your Budget" and included the Paradigm Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL.

"Engineered to complement today’s generation of ultra-slim flat-panel TVs, Paradigm’s Millenia LP2 and LP XL speakers sit less than two inches off the wall once mounted.  Paradigm says the speakers incorporate tweeters that are designed for clarity, as well as midrange drivers that are engineered for uncolored tonal accuracy. The speakers’ bass drivers are said to deliver response that is free of cone standing waves and micro distortion. The speakers mount vertically or horizontally and they can be used for two channel and multichannel systems."

Click here! to read the full article.

Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Millenia LP XL.
Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Millenia LP 2.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Paradigm Soundscape Earns a Sound & Vision Top Pick Award & 4 Star Review

When Daniel Kumin of Sound & Vision decided to review the Paradigm Soundscape soundbar, he wanted to answer a question... "Just how close can you come?" 'To what?' you're asking...What Kumin meant was, how close can you get to the sound of loudspeakers powered by a receiver with a soundbar? The answer? Well, if you read the headline, you can probably guess. But it's worth the read on to find out...

"...expectations were high as I unboxed Paradigm’s $1,500 Soundscape, a slim, round-shouldered soundbar designed, like many of its peers, for on-wall or shelf/tabletop mounting equally. (Paradigm includes extensive template and bracket accessories to make the former as straightforward as possible, and rubbery feet for the latter.) The design combines seven drivers into a trio of two-way hardware channels (the center is dual-woofer’d), each with a dedicated 25-watt (RMS) amplifier channel, and the system is supported by DSP-based surround magickery. I couldn’t wait to hook it up."

First Listen
"When I finally began my critical listening, I judged the Paradigm design to be a carefully tuned reproducer with open, natural vocal tonality on both male and female announcers and singers. The Soundscape struck me as leaning just a touch to the warm-and-full side of the spectrum, but otherwise just about spot-on, splitting the difference between casual TV-sound-appliance and audiophile-balanced Serious Listening device."

"In fact, with the volume at its maximum setting of 100, the Paradigm proved able to deliver almost 80 decibels SPL at my listening position from THX- reference-level (–20 dB FS) test noise, which is very good for a soundbar."

"All good stuff, but any soundbar is going to live or die with movies. The Paradigm continued to impress me across a clutch of favorite scenes, offering lots of clean level while maintaining clear, balanced dialogue and very respectable dynamic impact."

Another Serious Soundbar  
We can definitively add Paradigm’s name to the handful of makers that offer “serious soundbars”...The Paradigm continued to impress me across a clutch of favorite scenes, offering lots of clean level while maintaining clear, balanced dialogue and very respectable dynamic impact... The Soundscape also goes substantially lower than a lot of other soundbars... if you value dynamics, bass extension, and overall sound quality first, you’ll be well rewarded. 
Click here! to read the Soundscape review from Sound & Vision.
Click here! for more info on Soundscape or to buy online.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paradigm Soundscape Wins a 2014 Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award

We are pleased to announce that the Soundscape won a Technology Integrator 2014 EXC!TE Award!

"Soundscape is a powered 5.1-channel soundbar designed to deliver surround sound for large flat panel TVs, boasting four powerful polypropylene woofers, three pure-aluminum dome tweeters and two low-turbulence ports. Paradigm's engineers have achieved an extraordinarily wide soundstage with superb stereo separation, exquisite highs, rich midrange, and deep articulate bass. With a refined fit and finish, the affordable Soundscape is stylish yet unobtrusive, easy to operate, and allows custom integrators the ability to tailor the audio experience for the end user."

Paradigm's Erin Phillips & Justin Bright accepting the EXC!TE Award

Click here! to see the EXC!TE Award winners.
Click here! for more info. on the Soundscape and to buy online.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Game changer: A soundbar an audiophile can love" - CNET on the Paradigm Soundscape

"The Audiophiliac spends quality time with Paradigm's Soundscape, it's clearly the best sound bar he's heard in ages."

It's really hard not to be excited when you read a headline and sub-headline like the above... Especially when it is regarding our very own Paradigm Soundscape 5.1 soundbar. Below are some quotes from CNET audio journalist, Steve Guttenberg.

"It came as a total surprise to me, but when the Paradigm Soundscape sound bar appeared in the CNET office I thought why not give it a spin? Unpacking the super solid 'bar it was easy to see Paradigm's build quality shames the more typical plastic or lightweight wood sound bars, the Soundscape metal clad, 20-pound, 5.5 by 42 by 5 inch cabinet looks sleek."

"The Soundscape is significantly more powerful than any other subwooferless sound bar, and clarity and dynamic punch were superb... man, this sound bar is a force to be reckoned with! Whether it was Kong wrestling with dinosaurs or space station hijinks, the Soundscape's dynamic punch easily KO-ed what passes for merely excellent everyday high-performance sound bars..."

"...most folks prefer a single speaker, easier-to-setup solution. So for them the Soundscape is highly recommended."

Click here! to read the full Soundscape review from CNET.
Click here! for more info on the Soundscape or to buy online.