Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paradigm Teases New Product Launch

It all started two weeks ago, when we added a count down clock to the Paradigm home page along with a teaser image of a mysteriously draped speaker. (see image below)...

But yesterday, we took it to the next level with an update to the home page that included a link to a teaser video.

Looks like you'll have to wait until the clock runs out 
and CEDIA EXPO 2014 begins for the unveiling and more info! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"It is in fact the best sound-system-in-a-box I've come across so far" - Brian Florian on Paradigm's Soundtrack 2 System

After reviewing (and enjoying) the original Soundtrack System, Secrets of Home Theater was anxious to give the second iteration a go. So we shipped off a system to Brian Florian and recently he published his thoughts on the Soundtrack 2. Below are a couple of quotes that summarize his overall experience...

"Paradigm hit a sweet spot delivering a product which satisfies... cost & sound quality"

"Paradigm distinguishes themselves by making the most of what is possible within both the fiduciary constrains, as well as the engineering challenges of the form factor. It is in fact the best sound-system-in-a-box I’ve come across so far south of a kilobuck."

"While it's not a stretch to think that the Soundtrack 2 might be bested by a pair of the company’s own Mini-Monitor speakers coupled to a modest receiver, there is a plethora of people who have no interest in a bunch of big boxes and the rat’s nest of wires which come with, and who just want better sound than what their TV is giving them. For such applications Paradigm has I think hit a sweet spot delivering a product which satisfies both in terms of cost and sound quality."

Click here! to read the full review by Secrets of Home Theater.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"The Rolls Royce of soundbars - a premium soundbar in every sense" - AVForums on the Paradigm Soundscape

We are delighted to share a review of the Soundscape published by AVForums. Writer Mark Hodgkinson called the Soundscape "The Rolls Royce of soundbars" and awarded it with a score of 9/10 overall and AVForums "Highly Recommended" status. Here are a few tidbits, but we encourage you to read the full review.

"The Paradigm Soundscape is the Rolls Royce of the soundbar sector. It’s big, bold and perhaps a little brash but it goes about its business beautifully, thanks to superior engineering and incredible attention to detail that elicits a performance your typical speaker bar can’t touch."

"The Paradigm Soundscape is the Rolls Royce of the soundbar sector."

"The design of the Soundscape is such that all the drivers are independently amplified and completely isolated from one another, allowing it to produce a true stereo soundstage for two channel, whilst also being fabulously capable with multichannel movie and TV sources.

"It packs punch regardless and its performance is thoroughly bombastic"

"The delivery is accurate, involving and exciting for your typical film soundtrack whilst beautifully composed and assured with musical duties. You can even add a more little low end impact with an external subwoofer, either wired or wirelessly with the supplied adaptor, but it packs a punch regardless and its performance is thoroughly bombastic, in any case, with a refinement in the mid-low notes unique in this product sector."

"This is a premium soundbar in every sense... in terms of how it sounds, it currently has no equal."

Click here! to read the full Soundscape review from AVForums.
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Paradigm has engineered a sound system of beauty and quality for an affordable price" - Secrets of Home Theater on the Millenia CT 2

Francisco Licon of Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity recently wrote a review of our Millenia CT 2 and enjoyed the 2.1 systems very much. Below are a couple of quotes from the review...

"provides a big, clear sound"
"The Millenia CT 2 provides a big, clear sound and is easy to use and set up. They also look really cool. I can see this as a high quality bedroom system for the audiophile who has an all-out system in their main room or an apartment dweller (hope your neighbors don’t complain when you crank it up). Or this may be a system for the average guy or gal that is just not as crazy as I am about equipment, but wants a very high quality sound system that offers simplicity of set up and use."

"a sound system of beauty and quality"
" time with the Paradigm Millenia CT 2 system was really enjoyable and fun. The Millenia CT 2 was adept at playing music and movies, the system disappeared into the source and allowed me to enjoy the creative efforts of the producers and musicians. The system is classy and sophisticated enough to fit into an Austin hipster’s condo and is easy and simple to set up and use. Paradigm has engineered a sound system of beauty and quality for an affordable price. The Millenia CT 2 is definitely worth a look for its sound quality and solid design."

Click here! to read the full Millenia CT 2 review.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Paradigm Soundscape Earns Trusted Reviews Recommended Status and 9/10 Star Rating!

Last week, Trusted Reviews in the UK published a raving review of the Paradigm Soundscape. Earning a score of 9/10 and the Trusted Reviews "Recommended" badge of approval, the Soundscape comes up on top yet again!

“If you’re in the market for a soundbar and have a big budget to play with, the Soundscape is a worthy purchase thanks primarily to its sumptuous design and outstanding sound quality, which help justify the hefty price tag and earn it a Recommended badge. It delivers the sort of big, room-filling sound stage you’d expect from bigger speakers, with huge bass output, masses of detail and authoritative dialogue. Music also sounds fantastic through Soundscape’s high-end driver array… Staggeringly good sound quality and debonair design make Paradigm’s Soundscape an impressive soundbar…”

Click here! to read the full review from Trusted Reviews.
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Monday, July 14, 2014

"Sonically is where the Soundscape truly shines" John Sciacca, Residential Systems

"it certainly has the features and performance chops to back it up"
John Sciacca of Residential Systems recently reviewed the Paradigm Soundscape after experiencing it in the Paradigm room at CES. "...when I first experienced the Soundscape during this past CES, I asked which sub they had it paired with. When Paradigm’s marketing manager, Erin Phillips, coyly smiled and said, “There’s no subwoofer; that’s just the bar,” I had to bring this in for review." Below are some of John's thoughts once he go the soundbar into his home...

"Sonically is where the Soundscape truly shines, however, keeping the often difficult-to-understand dialog from the opening ocean battle scene of Master and Commander centered and intelligible, while still producing the distant wind and atmospheric ocean sounds, giving nice width to the sonic image. Equally impressive was how the bar handled the deep bass and bombast of the cannon battle, producing rumblings I could feel and pushing the sounds of exploding cannon balls and splintering hulls well beyond the width of the bar."

"The Soundscape demonstrated its ability to deliver weight and depth in reproducing the weighty voice and foot stomps of Smaug from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was amazing how the bar made Smaug’s voice boom and rumble around the room, seeming to come from nearly everywhere at once, producing a very real faux-surround effect."

"While the Soundscape is pricey by soundbar standards, it certainly has the features and performance chops to back it up. And when clients hear how great it sounds without requiring an extra black box, they’ll likely consider it a bargain."

Click here! to read the full review from Residential Systems.
Click here! for more info. on the Paradigm Soundscape.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Results from a recent poll by Audioholics show Paradigm makes the best speakers!

According to the results of a recent poll by Audioholics, Paradigm makes the best speakers... by a long shot!

Audioholics asked their readers who they thought made the best speakers and Paradigm earned the number one spot with 24.4% of total votes!

Click here! to see the study results.
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Friday, June 27, 2014

"The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every respect." - Bob Barrett, Home Theater Review

Bob Barrett of Home Theater Review published a review of the Paradigm Reference Studio 10 this week and judging by the HTR Product Rating of 4.5 Stars... we think he thoroughly enjoyed them! Here are a few quotes...

"Over the course of listening, the character of the little Studio 10s really struck me as that of an overachiever. They brought out more musical details than I expected from such a small speaker. The timbre of instruments sounded so lifelike...  I was struck by how well the Studio 10s got the little nuances of the instruments right, which provided greater emotional impact and enjoyment. The Paradigms were also able to reproduce both female and male voices with tonal accuracy and fullness, never sounding thin or bloated."

"The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every respect. These very musical speakers will surprise you with their ability to produce a huge soundstage while accurately portraying voices and instruments in space with finesse."

"Considering their published frequency response, the Paradigms deliver a lot more bass energy than expected. They do have their limits, though, especially in being able to produce the large amounts of low-end punch required by bass-heavy music. For those applications, combine the Studio 10s with one or more matching Paradigm subwoofers, and you'll be in bass heaven."

"The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers provide a great entry point into the high-end audio hobby without breaking the bank account. They're also a great start to a complete home theater surround system if mated with other Paradigm Reference Studio Series products."

Click here! to read the full Studio 10 review.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

"...rocked out in the best of ways" - Sam Posten of Home Theater Forum on Paradigm's Soundtrack 2

Sam Posten of Home Theater Forum admits to being, as he puts it, "a bit of a 5.1 snob", but he recently decided to spread his wings and review our Soundtrack 2. Here is a summary of Posten's thoughts...

First Impressions
"I got the unit in 3 weeks ago and have been putting it through its paces in 3 separate test cases: As a desktop speaker system playing tunes from my iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. As an extension of my iMac playing 2.1 sound from movies and music via iTunes. Head to head with my bedroom 5.1 setup as a traditional 2.1 channel sound bar."

"Despite the size, setup couldn't have been easier and unboxing was impressive... Setting up the sub was likewise easy... Setting up the sub was likewise easy. You have two choices: wired or wireless. I chose to go wireless -because- I am generally suspicious of the quality of doing so. Well this pretty much shut me up, plugged in, slid a switch to wireless and hit a one button sync and we were off... Sound quality on the sub was thrilling.

"It came as a huge leap to be able to have thumping bass from a real sub tied to these devices. Bluetooth setup couldn't be easier. Hit the ‘sync’ button on top of the unit, have your iDevice scan for Bluetooth targets and you are linked and playing as fast as you can swap to your music player of choice. I tested it with iTunes, Beats, Spotify and Pandora, all rocked out in the best of ways. I do not consider myself a golden ear audiophile but even streamed music and my collection of compressed music files sounded better than I expected out of a system this size."

"Musically it’s no secret I tend to love songs with ultra low end, and appreciate songs from the last 60 years which feature big bottom. Here’s my playlist, 600+ tracks of Bass Buster / Subwoofer Test: In Case of Emergency, Break Bass: I flipped through that over 3 days using shuffle and came away dang impressed."

Final Thoughts
"While 5.1 is my bread and butter, it’s a simple fact that not every room needs or can support such a setup. If I didn't already have a full 5.1 setup in my bedroom I bet I could be happy with a Soundtrack 2 in there, and if you have an office, a basement gym or other small space where you’ll be spending a lot of time where you’d like a LOT more punch to your music then I could see the Soundtrack 2 being a perfect value for you. Right now you can get the Soundtrack 2 at major vendors for $899, which is a good chunk of change but when you consider the Bluetooth connectivity and ease of placing the sub wherever you want on top of the great Paradigm sound that is inherent in the system, it might just be worth the premium."

Click here! to read the full Soundtrack 2 review.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paradigm Wins CEPro "Quest For Quality" Award

Paradigm is proud to announce that the CE Pro Quest for Quality award winners were officially announced and we won Platinum for the category: Dealer Protection Policies.  

Sound matters and the difference good sound makes to music and home theater is audible. As a specialty manufacturer, we know that better sound always delivers a better entertainment experience. Our dealers are in the specialty audio business because they believe the same! We count on them to talk to consumers about that difference and to demo that difference. Our relationship with dealers is so important to us that we go to great lengths to protect their status within their local selling area. 

We want to protect them so they have the confidence to sell the highest performing brand on the market knowing that they won't be undercut by either a mass merchant or an Internet dealer. This relationship has helped build Paradigm into what it is today and it's not something we're going to forget. Our dealers have always been there for us, we want to be there for them.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Wirecutter names Paradigm's Soundscape - "The Best Soundbar Overall"

The Wirecutter recently did a soundbar round-up comparing a number of soundbars and Paradigm's Soundscape was picked as the best soundbar of them all!

The best overall soundbar today is the $1,500 Paradigm Soundscape. It offers the best combination of sound quality, features, and usability of any soundbar that we can find. After spending over 25 hours researching and comparing soundbars (and directly listening to the top six models in my listening room), we found it beats out the rest of the competition. If you want high-quality audio without the hassles of multiple boxes and wires, the Paradigm Soundscape is our pick.”

Click here! to see the soundbar round-up from The Wirecutter.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Paradigm MilleniaOne CT named one of 10 Best Desktop Speakers Available by Hi Consumption

Hi Consumption posted an article called “The 10 Best Desktop Speakers Available” and Paradigm’s MilleniaOne CT made the cut!

"We know that most people don’t have $1,200 bucks lying around to spend on speakers, but no list of the true top-of-the-line desktop speakers would be complete without including the MilleniaOne CT. They are a component system that includes a 2.1-channel subwoofer that can hit deep lows that will have your neighbors banging on your door while the small 4-inch mid-range and 1-inch tweeters can also make Mozart’s Magic Flute truly come alive. They’re expensive, but they are also the last computer speakers you will likely ever need, no matter what your listening habits are."

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

"For great sound quality with little hassle, the Paradigm Soundscape is the sound bar you should go listen to" - Reference Home Theater

Chris Heinonen of Reference Home Theater evaluated the Paradigm Soundscape and the review was published yesterday. Given that this is the first Soundscape review we have seen go live, we were very excited to hear about Chris' experience. After reading the review, we are very content! Chris gave the Soundscape 4/5 for Value, 5/5 for Performance and 4.5/5 as the Overall rating. Here's a look at his thoughts...

"The Paradigm Soundscape sound bar features left, right and center channels that each have separate drivers. Combined with a well designed port system, the Soundscape is able to produce deep, meaningful bass while still maintaining clarity on difficult movie and music passages. Soundscape specs say it produces bass down to 30Hz. Many sound bars with external subs can’t produce bass this deep."

"Integrated Bluetooth allows for streaming from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. AptX support provides the best quality Bluetooth streaming you can get today."

"A unique feature on the Soundscape is the wireless subwoofer adapter. The Soundscape has an RCA sub out, but most people want their subwoofer to be out of the way, without wires connecting it. With the built-in wireless transmitter and included external receiver, the Soundscape can work with any subwoofer across the room."

Great Detail and Bass
"Guitar through the Paradigm Soundscape is crisp and clear. There is a metallic edge to the guitar that can be in-your-face with how distinct it is. I worried that might lead to fatigue during extended listening sessions but I had no such issues. While listening to “Lost Cause” by Beck the vocals remain well anchored while the guitars steal the song through the Paradigm."

"The amount of bass you get from the Soundscape is impressive. “So What” from Kind of Blue features a bass the resonates with the Paradigm. Bass is clear and powerful, but not bloated, coming from the sound bar. The sax solo kicks in and is set off to the left, though not as wide as with a pair of speakers. The soundstage is large enough to set the sax apart from the other instruments though not massive."

"Watching movies on the Paradigm Soundscape is an enjoyable experience. During the opening scene of Skyfall, the chase sequence with Bond comes alive. The Soundscape has the bass to bring across the rumble of a train and the impact of a car crash. The dedicated center channel speaker keeps dialogue anchored in the center of the action and always clear. Where lesser sound bars with fewer channels lose clarity during heavy action sequences the Paradigm thrives on them."

Sound First, Features Second
"Paradigm has put sound quality first and features second and I think that is the way to go. Most extra features are never used by people, but the benefits of better sound quality everyone will hear. The most impressive aspect of the Paradigm Soundscape is the amount of bass this bar can create. It isn’t as small as some of the sound bars out there, but it plays much deeper than you’d ever expect it to."

"I’ve heard a huge number of sound bars through my work with The Wirecutter, Secrets of Home Theater, and Reference Home Theater. The Paradigm Soundscape might be the best that I’ve heard to date. It doesn’t have any major flaws, and it sounds superb. It offers a huge step up over the speakers built into your TV without the complexity of separate components. For great sound quality with little hassle, the Paradigm Soundscape is the sound bar you should go listen to."

Click here! to read the full Soundscape review from 
Reference Home Theater.
Click here! for more info on the Soundscape and to buy online.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Paradigm Soundscape named "Product of the Week"

On Friday, posted their Home Theater "Product of the Week" and our very own Soundscape earned the spot. Here are Editor Robert Silva's comments...

"If you are in the market for a Sound Bar and are looking something that delivers quality, as well as convenience, then check out the newly available Paradigm Soundscape."

"At its core, the Paradigm Soundscape is a sound bar with seven independently amplified speaker drivers, grouped into three channels, additionally supported by port mounted on each end (bass reflex design). The Soundscape is approximately 42-inches wide, which visually matches well with TV screen sizes from 37 to 50 inches (or larger), and houses four 4-inch midrange/woofer drivers (one for the left, two for the center, and one for the right), and three 1-inch tweeters (left, center, right). The power output of the Soundscape is rated at 25 watts-per-channel x 7 (RMS)."

"The Soundscape provides onboard Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, enhanced further by Paradigm's virtual surround sound processing. For connectivity, the Soundscape includes two digital optical , one one digital coaxial, and one set of analog RCA-type audio inputs. You can also access audio content wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices. For control, the Soundscape comes with an easy-to-use remote, or, if your TV or Cable/Satellite Satellite remote has learning capability, you can use that option as well."

"It is important to note that although the Soundscape does not come with an external subwoofer, it reproduces low frequencies down to about 30Hz. However, it does come with both a wired subwoofer pre-out and wireless receiver for connection of an optional powered subwoofer, if desired."

"If you are looking for a sound bar solution to complement your TV viewing experience, check out the Paradigm Soundscape ($1,499.99) as a possible choice. Granted it is more expensive than most sound bars, but it delivers better sound than those bargain-priced models - definitely worth a listen."

"For more details, including more on speaker construction, amplifier design, and the virtual surround sound processing system, refer the Official Paradigm Soundscape Product Page. The Soundscape is available through Authorized Paradigm Dealers."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paradigm Wins Three 2014 Editors' Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound published the 2014 Editors' Choice Award winners in the March issue 241 and we are very pleased with the results. Paradigm won not 1, not 2, but 3 Editors' Choice awards!

Paradigm SHIFT A2 - Desktop Loudspeakers
"A 2012 Golden Ear recipient, the SHIFT A2 is more than just a cleverly named loudspeaker. Compact, internally powered, and equipped with DSP bass management and enough back-panel inputs to connect to almost any source, this is what 21st century entry-level high end is all about. A combination of sound and value, it extends the welcome mat to budding high-enders who may have felt they couldn't afford the entrance fee." - Neil Gader, Issue 224

Paradigm Reference Studio 10 - $1000 - $1500 Stand-Mount and Floorstanding Loudspeakers
"Paradigm's diminuitive Studio 10 is inherently warm and full, with a remarkably large presentation that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. It's not the most transparent design, but is nevertheless lively and involving. This front-ported two-way can sit on a shelf, but performs best on a rigid stand placed somewhat into the room. Bass isn't bad, but some will want to add one of Paradigm's subwoofers to fill out the bottom end." - Wayne Garcia, Issue 2014

Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2 - Subwoofers
"The Paradigm SUB 2 may be one of the few subwoofers that can be properly mated with planar loudspeakers. Its lightning-fast ability to project front, rear, and sideways means that it is simply impossible to detect where it is positioned. The SUB 2 features what Paradigm calls Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture, and the design clearly delivers the goods. The hexagonal cabinet can make it hard to install, but once in place the SUB 2 can deliver a crushing 112dB at 10Hz." - Jim Hannon, Issue 214.

For the full list of winners pick up a copy of the March issue 241.

Click here! for more info on the Paradigm SHIFT A2.
Click here! for more info on the Paradigm Studio 10.
Click here! for more info on the Paradigm Signature SUB 2.

Monday, April 7, 2014

"The perfect setup for someone wanting great sound on a modest budget." TONEAudio on Paradigm's Monitor Series 7 & Anthem's MRX 510

Jeff Dorgay of TONEAudio was looking for a great 5.1 system including electronics under $5,000. Monitor (being our most popular budget friendly series), seemed like the most logical choice and because our sister company Anthem just came out with the new line of their MRX receivers, we were able fulfill their wish! We decided to ship TONEAudio the Paradigm Monitor 9, Center 3, Surround 1 and SUB 10, along with the middle of the line MRX 510. Rob Johnson and Jeff Dorgay completed the system review and published it in Issue 62 of TONEAudio magazine. Here are a few of the highlights...

"Paradigm and Anthem both produce quality audio equipment at reasonable prices - Anthem on the component side and Paradigm on the speaker side. The two sister companies (to which MartinLogan is also a sister company) are based in Ontario, Canada, and their complementary product lines allow buyers to piece together a home-theater system with speakers and componentry that pair well together."

"One of my favorite features of the system is the wireless subwoofer. Older systems require a long wire connecting the digital processor to the sub that is an eyesore at best and a stumbling hazard at worst. It’s nice having the option of placing the sub behind the sofa where it’s out of sight, and where it also offers a tangible rumble to the listening seat."

On with the Show

"The opening scenes of James Bond films always dazzle the viewer with action sequences, and Quantum of Solace on Blu-ray does not disappoint. The sounds of car chases, machine guns, and explosions complement the visuals wonderfully. The shattering of a windshield during a particularly nasty car collision surprises me with the subtle tinkle of glass raining down on metal and concrete. It’s a level of detail and delicacy that I hadn’t been expecting." 

"In stereo mode, Steve Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's Blues and Sunrise retain sold sonic imaging across the width of the perceived stage, with layering in the distance."

"While more expensive stereo or home-theater equipment may offer greater realism and detail, the price-to-performance ratio of this whole system is exceptional. The Anthem proves a great complement to the Paradigms, providing plenty of punch and sonic synergy so that no particular frequency range stands out in the mix."

"Go ahead, make my day." 
"While $5,000 is certainly not chump change, in the world of hi-fi that investment often only gets you one stereo component. Alternately, that same money can provide a complete home-theater setup that offers great quality, performance, and value.

"For those seeking a single home audio/video solution, this Anthem/Paradigm combo gets you the best of both worlds: a solid two-channel setup and a 5.1 surround- sound system—just add audio and video sources. Plus, with unobtrusive looks and the ability to hide the subwoofer, you’ll forget the system is even in the room so you can get lost in the depths of a movie."

Additional Listening - by Jeff Dorgay 
I’ve got about five grand to spend for everything. Can I get a killer home-theater system for that much?” Yes you can. At the numerous tradeshows I’ve attended around the world, Paradigm and Anthem always have the most impressive displays with systems offering performance on a level I’d expect from gear with much, much bigger price tags."

"The Paradigm speakers are easy to place, and thanks to the ARC, you don’t have to be quite as fussy as you would without it. And did I mention that this setup moves some major air? Explosions and car chases are awesome, with plenty of heft. But even when watching my favorite episodes of Ren and Stimpy, the little bits of classical music playing in the background still float delicately around the listening space."

"In short, this is the perfect setup for someone wanting great sound on a modest budget. Best of all, Anthem and Paradigm are sister companies, so you know everything will work well together."

 Click here! to download Issue 62 of TONEAudio for the review. 
Click here! for more info on Monitor Series 7 speakers.